Daily Archives: November 15, 2006

Staying in Franz

Both Franz and Fox are basically in existence for glacier tourists. Not much there but tourist shops, motels. hostels, internet places with the coin kiosks, and a few restaurants. The Blue Ice Cafe had an upstairs bar advertising happy hour … Continue reading

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Karsten Shows Us How It’s Done

Here’s our fearless leader – one handed and looking backwards at the crest of the second saddle. As you can tell, I’m no longer on a bike, but back on two feet taking pictures. I made it about 2/3rd of … Continue reading

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One Last Look at the Fox Glacier

I know you’re tired of reading about this thing, but you have to take one last look. It really was the highlight of the trip, getting up there. Did you notice all the waterfalls coming down the sides of the … Continue reading

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Changing Skies

While it turned to be a bright sunny day for us up there on Fox Glacier, the clouds never really go away on the west. Or at least they didn’t while I was there. We were just lucky that day … Continue reading

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There were all sorts of arches Gerard told us about, but since I wasn’t taking notes I can’t remember all the different types. There were compression arches – that I remember. Most of the caves we went through we those, … Continue reading

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Slip Slidin Away

Photo courtesy of Malcolm. So this is one of the “narrow” caves. There’s a story there. Malcolm and I were sort of bringing up the rear of the group, again mostly because I was too busy taking pictures to keep … Continue reading

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Blue Ice

We stomped up the glacier, ultimately coming to various ice caves. When you would look into them there were the most incredible blues. I’d say maybe not as good as all the blues you got in the water in Tahiti, … Continue reading

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Mentioned Gerard, our guide. Really nice young man who told us all sorts of glacier facts – few of which I’ll remember accurately. He was relatively new at this – only six weeks – and I was glad I didn’t … Continue reading

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Glacier Scale

This photo shows half of the group (4 choppers full of people) walking ahead of us. It gives you some sense of the scale of this thing. You really can’t imagine it until you get on it. I kept feeling … Continue reading

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It was awesome getting up there. The glacier changes texture depending on how high up you are – color too. We went up to the top then came down along the mountain, with a quick hover and sharp turn over … Continue reading

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