Karsten Shows Us How It’s Done

Here’s our fearless leader – one handed and looking backwards at the crest of the second saddle. As you can tell, I’m no longer on a bike, but back on two feet taking pictures. I made it about 2/3rd of the way up the first hill before I collapsed. Jenny drove me to the top and insisted I ride down. Think that was worse than going up…I wanted a seat belt, especially when I came to the hairpin turn preceeded by a diagonal cattle grate and a car coming in the opposite direction. I suppose it could have been worse – cars could have been passing in both directions. Made it around the corner alive, but then made the mistake of looking out – big, very deep, vista. Kept my eyes on the road only the rest of the way down. Waited there because I wasn’t going to try the second saddle – too long and too steep for me at that point. Helen and I wanted to try the third, but Jenny couldn’t find a place to pull over to get the bikes down until the top. So Helen and I rode down and into Franz Josef together.

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