Staying in Franz

Both Franz and Fox are basically in existence for glacier tourists. Not much there but tourist shops, motels. hostels, internet places with the coin kiosks, and a few restaurants. The Blue Ice Cafe had an upstairs bar advertising happy hour from 9-10, but we skipped it because we figured there were no locals there as interesting as the ones in Haast.

We were staying at the A1 Rata Grove Motel, my least favorite of all of them in terms of what the rooms were actually like. The guy who ran the place was really nice though. The others were mentioning that they only got one towel apiece in their rooms, but I always had my two, because I was staying alone (one for my body, one for my head). But here, they knew there was just me and there was only one towel. I asked the man who ran the place if I could have another and it appeared in my room before I even noticed. Catherine said her room was huge and cavernous, but the place just had a little run down feel, especially after our neat little Scandavian design rooms the night before. I don’t think there’s much to choose from there though.

We ate dinner at the Landing (pictured, although from another website, not my camera) that night. It had an outdoor pool table, which struck me as strange with all the rain they get over there. They must have a quick tarp or something to throw over it, because you weren’t going to move it anywhere quickly. The portions of food were as huge as Catherine’s room. Jenny and Karsten joined us that night, which was fun. The only problem was that Dave and I ordered the same thing, but prepared differently. The order went in as one with both preparations noted. So – his food never came. We were all mostly done with dinner before Dave’s came. At the end of the evening when we figured out the tab, we had a mystery guest who paid and too much money. When I got a look at things, I figured out that for the same reason Dave’s dinner didn’t show, Dave’s dinner didn’t get charged to the table.

Despite the large portions, everyone wanted dessert. Or, “pudding” as I was corrected by my friends. Now to me, pudding is a subset of the entire dessert range. But no, I was told that puddings have been being made forever, so that’s what we were choosing from – “puddings.” All I know was that I ordered the Pavlova, with fruits and ice cream, wasn’t anywhere near as good as the chocolate Pavlova I made for Sunday Night Dinner a few weeks before. It was more like a giant marshmallow.

After dinner headed back to the hotel. Everyone was a little tired and we were planning to be up early, hopeful for a day of riding ahead…

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