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Tectonic Jade

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Boldhead Road

After lunch in Whataroa, and the virtual climb, Karsten wanted us to try riding on a small, unpaved road he’d heard about, but hadn’t been down before. Hwy 6, which is the main road up the west coast does a … Continue reading

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Lunching in Whataroa

When we landed in town, it was – of course – time to eat again. There was little park with a playground, picnic tables, and a restroom in the center of town – which by west coast standards, was pretty … Continue reading

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Kiwi Cubed

On the way to Okarito, we passed this kiwi crossing sign. No kiwi birds, though. But, on the way back we had our kiwi girl and kiwi fruits…so now we have kiwi cubed. Jenny, who’ve I written about before, was … Continue reading

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The Camping House

The campground in Okarito had this campground with this cute little house…inside were couches, chairs, and tables for eating. There were nice paintings on the ceilings – reflective of the terrain and culture. And there was a ton of information … Continue reading

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Two Degrees of Separation, Before Riding to Okarito

Before heading out that morning, I hit the internet kiosk at the backpacker place next to our motel. It was a fun atmosphere. Had to check on the food company deal in the UK, but it was when I received … Continue reading

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