Boldhead Road

After lunch in Whataroa, and the virtual climb, Karsten wanted us to try riding on a small, unpaved road he’d heard about, but hadn’t been down before. Hwy 6, which is the main road up the west coast does a get a little busy in spots, there’s not much shoulder sometimes, and thus not the most fun to ride on. Karsten wanted us to try this, which runs along the coast for a few miles. We all piled out of the van…and headed out, except for the Iron Woman – she decided she wanted chocolate and a rest. It was a good call on Karsten’s part.

There was a horse in the pasture where the road started. And the ride was bounded on the other side by more cows, that also clustered together when we stood around looking for them. Catherine did eventually join us, on a quick sprint. I can’t tell you why…I promised – just know that if I could, it’d be a great story. But when she zoomed past me, I thought for a minute she was showing off – and was a little annoyed. Catherine’s really not like that though…had a great time with her on the trip.

I know Karsten was hoping we’d get to see the sea while we were riding, but I only caught a quick glimpse. There were nice pastures, a pond, farmland along the way, but there was this large burm bordering the road between it and the ocean pretty much the whole way. Kept seeing signs warning about the school bus, and when we got to the end of the road, we saw the school “bus” pull in – more a van than a bus. We all hung out at the end, waiting for Karsten to bring the van back…enjoying the notion that we were once again herding cows. The rain was starting…little did we know that this was the last riding we were going to get in on the trip.


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