Kiwi Cubed

On the way to Okarito, we passed this kiwi crossing sign. No kiwi birds, though. But, on the way back we had our kiwi girl and kiwi fruits…so now we have kiwi cubed. Jenny, who’ve I written about before, was one of our awesome guides from Adventure South. Always fun, always helpful, always knowledgable, and just an all around amazing person. I told her I hope she’ll come visit me in the States when she visits and I meant it. Karsten too. We were really lucky to have such great leaders on our trip.

We drove back out to the main road to continue our ride to Whataroa (pronounced “fataroa”), where we’d be stopping for lunch. It was a nice, easy ride past lots of beef filled pastures. More amazing scenery. Actually, I think Lake Wahapo kicked off this stretch of ride, rather than being on the last one. It had this cluster of dead looking trees towards the one end of that I didn’t stop to photograph, but they were eerie looking. Did find a post card of them in town though – for my physical scrapbook – that maybe I’ll start if I ever finish the blog postings of the trip ;-).

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