Hunting and Pecking in Paris

Going to try to do this blog thing this week. Not confident I’ll be any better than I’ve generally been my last few trips though. And I have this bigger challenge…a French keyboard, which is definitely slowing me down.

So…I’m here in Paris for the first time in a decade. Molly is with me. Rich too. It’s a little strange because this is the first time I’ve been here without Dave – so that’s bringing up all sorts of stuff. But Paris is as beautiful as ever. Staying at the Hotel Aviatic near Montparnasse. Cute in that aging, a little shabby, quaint kinda way. Walked everywhere yesterday…Cherche-Midi to St. Germain de Près to Notre Dame (damn, it’s clean!), where the bells were ringing. We walked in during mass to hear the organ and smell the wafting incense. Then it was off to the Jardins de Luxembourg, with a brief stop for some yummy glaces…chocolate blanc and noix de coco avec chocolat lait. Then all the way back west to the old apartment on rue d’Etreès. Watched the puppies play in the park around the corner in front of Les Invalides. Then over towards le Tour Eiffel for dinner and closing the day – literally just before midnight walking underneath the lit up tower.

Shared a cafe crème and chocolat chaud with Molly at Au Chien Qui Fume, had a nice late lunch with Rich and Molly at Bistro de l’Abbaye and dinner at le Fontaine de Mars. The waiters have all been very nice and helping Molly zith her French. And one poured a little too much Cahors in her glass which made her happy. And I’ve decided the French have the best p words…pamplemousse, parapluie, and poubelle – who else could make garbage sound so beautiful!


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