We couldn’t get a reservation at the restaurant I had chosen for dinner, so during lunch Rich picked this restaurant from his Lonely Planet guide and Molly approved. They had space at 9pm and off we went after a good rest on and some music shopping on the Champs. It’s located in this shi-shi looking boutique hotel and I immediately felt underdressed as I walked in the lobby, but got over it once we got seated. The initial service experience was strange…couldn’t get a wine list until we has asked three times and we really came to believe there was only one in the restaurant. By then we’d had our menus (in English) for awhile and they were perplexing too. After finally getting the wine list (15-20 minutes in), the sommelier gave me like 5 minutes to read it. I was kind of getting annoyed by the whole thing. But once wine was on its way, things improved. Our waiter patiently explained how things worked and then the hostess came by and took our order. I forgave the English only thing after realizing the now nearly full, buzzing restaurant had less than 10 native French speakers in it.

Food was really impressive and inventive. An amuse bouche of chilled pea soup with unsweetened whipped cream and a hint of mint served in a tall shot glass. A ceasar salad in a beaker from chem class. A square soft boild egg with the standalone yolk resting on top and the most perfectly seasoned veggies – ratatouille from the Beauborg perhaps. Kind of felt like I was in an episode of Top Chef. My main course of tuna was delicious and all three of us wound up eating from Molly’s pasta pot where the sauce was creamy plain yogurt, some melted butter, and parmesan. Desserts were great – even the Red Bull ice cream. Even loved the utensils, where the was a combo spoon/fourchette creature. Our wine, which we weren’t crazy about when we first received it completely changed character with the food and was perfect with the meal – a 2004 Nuits-St. Georges, Les Saints Juliens from Maison Champy.

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