Goals from the Infirmary

Or at least it did today and yesterday. It’s not an auspicious beginning for the New Year, but with the cold temps out here in California and all the holiday running around, I suppose it isn’t surprising that some bug has latched onto me. Anyway – the MucinexD is keeping me from dying. Killed me that I had to wait until after 10AM Sunday to get my hands on any. The government’s restrictions around purchasing anything with sudafed in it – the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, in what has to be a vain attempt at controlling its production, make it so you have to wait for the pharmacy counter to open so you can show a drivers license and sign your life away before buying. Don’t come down with a cold on Saturday night…that’s all I have to say.

I’ve decided I’m going to try to post to the blog more frequently. Why you ask? There’s no big trip going on. And there’s probably nobody really reading, but I suppose I think I have something to say. Actually…WeightWatchers thinks I have something to say. I’ve decided to try and do something about my weight, so I signed up Saturday. I’ve enlisted a friend to join me – not naming her here until I’m sure she’s a willing participant. Anyway – I figure if I’m public about this, it adds to the commitment level. I’m also supposed to be “journaling” – and isn’t that what blogging is all about? So watch here for progress. I’m not going to post my starting weight – because it’s too embarrassing – but I’ll post my progress (or lack thereof) each week. I have not quite half of me to lose, so you could be watching this for awhile. First step is 5% of your current weight – which would bring me down to where I was before I started working at BlackArrow in September 2007.

I followed WeightWatchers, with reasonable success, for awhile after Molly was born. The technology has improved a lot since then…cool web apps that help you track what you’re eating, assess recipes you typically use, figure out how much food your workout offsets, etc. This one seems to be built in Flash. It should have more social network aspects in this day and age (IMHO), but it’s pretty cool – other than some occasional performance issues that are kind of bizarre. I also really want an iPhone app. There’s some people who’ve written Points Trackers and Converters, but nothing exists that integrates with eTools on the web. I guess now that I’m a customer, I can needle them.

Another part of this goal is also making a commitment to myself that I’m not going let work get in the way of moving and using my body. Since taking a permanent job, I’ve spent a lot less time on my bike and in the spin studio. I love what I do, but not so much that I’m going to let kill me. It’s funny…when you’re working you don’t have time to exercise, but if you don’t you start to not only get physically, but also mentally lethargic. Guess I’m going to just have to slow down, go to bed earlier and get up earlier to squeeze it all in.

Molly, my beautiful daughter, was great over the holidays…working out with me at spin class, on the elliptical, at a Zumba class. She’s promised to call me every other morning to make sure I get out of bed and do something before I go to work. It’s nice to have her support…I love her very much.

It’s time for another cup of tea and my before bed MucinexD. So the mucus doesn’t win…

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  1. Karen says:

    Hey ! Hope the WW is going well – I am interested in how you find it working. I too have decided not to let things run me me in the weight dept. My thing is forcing my self to make the time to hike Runyan Canyon , about 3 Mi round trip mostly up hill, with dogs at least 3 times a week. And when I do …. I see that my brain actually works better ! While I have goals about being in better shape I don’t really focus on a number – -the number is always depressing — I had to be weighed for my surgery for anesthesia and my policy with the nurses was I won’t look and you won’t tell. But just moving with a purpose and regulating some bad stress eating habits makes a huge diff. Hope you are well in all other things and give love to lilah !

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