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I interviewed with an SVP at Adobe one day and afterwards, was doing some research on who he was, where he’d been before, etc. He’d done some interesting blog posts – professional and personal. I was about to head out on a trip, by myself, to the other end of the earth and decided I might start doing my own. I’d toyed with the idea on and off since getting to know Dan Gilmor through my work at Knight Ridder Digital. I always have been more of a lurker than active participant, but decided this trip was the time. It would be a nice way to keep track of a special event in my life and have a vehicle for communicating it to my friends and family. So – my good friend Joe, of eRacks set up an infrastructure for me within an hour and when I hit Auckland, I was ready to go.

Thought it would be just for the trip, but here I am, finding myself using it again to chronicle other fun events, shared with friends. So … who knows where this is going ultimately, but I’m having fun for now.

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